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"Suzie Frances Garton delivers the same authentic energy and emotion as her former Hex co-star, with her performance being a highlight of the film's final act."

- Trevor Wells, Vocal Geeks

"It's easy to say a film is worth a watch, but this one really is in the most literal sense. A special mention has to go to Suzie Frances Garton who I have to say gave a wonderfully authentic performance. I'd love to see her in more films."

- Karen Ruffles, ScreamFix

"Oldroyd delivers an intense and determined performance as Martin, making him more than just a standard vigilante brother searching for his lost sister... Martin meets with Tess (a very good Suzie Frances Garton), a friend of his sister's. Tess gives him the little information she claims to know..." 

- Anthony Francis, Screen Comment

"In a year that is begging for films, a small independent one stands alongside them all. The Droving is original and fearless throughout. A truly wonderful work that should be seen."

- Jacob Throneberry, Music City Drive-In

"I was impressed with Hex, and I'm even more taken with The Droving... The fact that folk horror is at risk of being swallowed by cosy nostalgia is one of the more hideous ironies of current horror fan culture - and this gets away from that, into the dark, cold, chilling, primal nastiness that made sub-genre connect in the first place."

- Kim Newman, Empire

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